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Product Name:Banner welding machine/Automatic Hemming Advertising Banner Welde/ Advertising Banner Welder

Product Details:
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USD 2250.00-0.00 /
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100 Set/Sets per Month
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carton & wpooden

Detailed Product Description:

TOP3400B banner welding machine 

Product parameters:


Welding thickness:0.2-3mm

Fan:DC Fan,stronger wind,more uniform air
Temperrature ranger:0-700
Walk Speed1-15m/min(20-25/min available)
Auto-dormancy control:protect heating element,make machine lifetime longer
Laser:laser positionning line,more accurate
Handrial:standing to operate,move maching conveniently
Welding width:2-4.5(wheel width 4.8th)
LED light:more convenient work in night
Temperature control:digital temperature control,digital dispaly,temperature float±1
Heating element:Top 3400Bis Leister heat gun
Scope:banner,tent,waterptoof,tarpaulin and so on.




Net weight:25KG

Gross weight:35KG

1.Make the cloth for seaming flat and tight,. take joiner to accurate (about 2-4.5cm),Fix both ends by tape or glue on ground.

2.set the temperature and walking speed: Connect the power supply, set the temperature and walking speed according to the thickness of the cloth. Temperature and speed is adjustable. As shown:
Turning the heating switch (yellow knob), the machine starts to heat up. Wait for 2 minutes,when actual temperature (PV)approach desire temperature(SV),we can start weld.
4.Welding positioning. Lap welding pressure(working wheels)- wheel edge must be aligned with the upper edge of the banner, but also aligned with the guide wheel on the side edge of the banner. As below:
5.Lifting the handle, making the working wheel on ground,as the show
6.start welding: pulling the heat gun to position handle and making the nozzle close to ground then move the nozzle to left so that it can be place a right position, at that time, the welding will work automatic.
7.During welding,let hot air nozzle between two overlap pieces. And be make sure hot air nozzle and Rubber wheel walk in straight line.if not,please adjust by handrail.check photo:
7.Turn off the switch: when finished,