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Product Name:best model for PE welding machine, pvc banner welder machine, High quality banner welder machine, pvc cloth seam machine, pvc welder, Seamign machine, Banner seaming machine,Flex banner seaming machine, Leister banner welde

Product Details:
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1 Set/Sets
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USD 0.00-0.00 /Unit
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T/T,Western Union
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1000 Set/Sets per Month
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five workdays after the TT payment
two carton package and aluminum package.L*W*H:48.5*28.5*28(cm)

Detailed Product Description:

Main technical parameters of pvc welding machine

Rated voltage: AC110-240V  Frequency:  50-60Hz  Power: 800-1600W

Temperature range:0-500oC Speed scope:1-10m/min  Specifications:  41*25*20cm

Weight:  13Kg  welding width:  2-5cm

Characteristics of pvc welding machine

1:welding without glue. The PVC welding machine replaces the 502 glue and improves the working environment of workers, improve efficiency and quality of welding. It is a low-carbon and environmentally product, it is the inevitable trend of development   in the future.  

2: The theory is based on digital control constant temperature. The PVC welding  machine is equipped with temperature feedback sensor. The sensor can always monitoring the temperature of the outlet to keep a constant temperature. It uses advanced PID control technology, and adjust the power to make the temperature more constant automatically, the fluctuation is within 5 degrees. It makes welding more uniform. It uses zero-crossing trigger control IC,there is no harmonic interference, so no matter how long the picture is, the mosaic effect will not change.

3: speed : 6-10m per minute . You can adjust the speed according to setting temperature and the thickness of picture.

4: Temperature scope: 0-500C . Temperature can be settled with the up and down buttons according to the thickness of picture.

5: R & D capacity: Our company has all the key technology, the quality of the machine is in control.

6: power: 1000-1600W ( After Setting the desired temperature ,the PVC welding machine will automatically adjust the power according to the temperature).

7:Hot air speed of hot air gun .50-100 percent of the wind speed can be adjusted, so you can fight a thick picture to ensure easier, and the heater parts live   longer.

8: Heater: Equipped  with  AC  motor and it makes wind stronger, life longer(more than   2000 hours), and cost is low   because you only need to replace the carbon brush. 9:Heating wire: The quality of imported heating wire is more reliable and   longevity. 10:POWER: DELL   Original Laptop Power,EMC is Good and quality is reliable that meet with European and American standards.